Make your home even more beautiful with one of these

Flower bouquets are one of the lovely gifts on any occasion. But, how do you keep those flowers healthy and fresh for a longer time? It is better to invest in some high-quality flower vases that let you display those blossoms as home d├ęcors. Flower vases are available in a range of shapes and sizes. With fresh-cut flowers and decorative vases, you can transform the overall ambiance of the room. We have picked the best flower vases that have grabbed the attention of several homeowners.

  1. EtsiBitsi Marble Flower Vase

The blend of white with golden tones has made this vase impressive. When you are looking for a highly adorned model, you may choose it as the best flower vase. You may place it in your living room, bedroom, or any other place as the centrepiece.


  • Gold embossed vase
  • The Kundan and meenakari works have added beauty to the vase
  • The overall design reflects Rajasthani decors
  • The stone construction has added resilience to the flower vase
  • Designers have used pure makarana marble to manufacture the vase

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2. ExclusiveLane Warli White Matkis Terracotta

The sleek white coloured vase can easily attract the attention of your guests. You may use it as a stunning countertop vase. Each package includes 3 vases of different sizes. 


  • Height of the vases- 2.4 inches, 4.4 inches, and 6 inches
  • A high-quality terracotta vase
  • Designed for holding dry artificial flowers only

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3. Artysta Terracotta Flower Vase 

When you love ethnic touches in your home decors, you can choose this one. Artysta has offered a set of highly decorative vases that includes models of different shapes and sizes. The overall design and paints reflect the flawless work of Indian craftsmen.


  • Package includes 3 vases of varying lengths- 4.75 inches, 6.75 inches, and 4.5 inches.
  • Terracotta vases- Best for placing on countertops
  • Warli art applied to beautify the vases

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4. Craftghar Decorative Flower Vase

Craftghar has designed the best flower vase with high embellishments and decorations. This fluted flower vase can become the centre of attraction in your table. The combination of white with indigo blue has made this vase highly adorable. You can put some long-stemmed flowers into this vase.


  • Timeless, trendy designs with leaf and filigree swirl motifs.
  • Clear glazed pot with a lustrous look
  • A curvaceous vase with some waves on the mouth edge
  • The wide mouth is capable of holding a number of flowers

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5. BS AMOR Home Decor vase Variations

With high aesthetic values and curved designs, this handcrafted flower vase is a lovely choice. Beautify your room with this high-quality brown vase.


  • Made of two materials- Metal and wood
  • Hand-painted designs with embossed patterns
  • Reflects creativity and feminine beauty 
  • Embellished with gold painting and kundans 

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6. Alnico Decor Metal Flower Vase

You can choose this flower vase as the best birthday gift or corporate gift. The white model with tints of golden decors has made this vase unique. This freestanding flower vase is also lightweight, with a height of about 26 inches.


  • White hand-painted vase decorated with golden floral designs
  • Best for office and home interiors
  • Simple yet eye-catching vase
  • The metal design has made this vase highly durable

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7. Thyme Ceramic Flower Vase

White always adds aesthetics to a room, and this pure white vase of distinctive shape and style can attract your eyes. You can install it on your countertop, flower surface, and any other site of your house. Thyme has created a beautiful and sophisticated flower vase.


  • Length of the vase- 8.75 inches
  • The use of ceramic has made this model scratch-resistant and shatter-resistant
  • Attractive pottery art applied to make this vase stunning
  • Hand-painted design
  • Easy to clean with a dry cloth

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8. Aadit Crreation Metal Flower Vase  

Aadit Crreation has offered a beautiful golden coloured flower vase with a sturdy design. With a height of 22cm and a width of 12 cm, this vase has a classic design that fits best in any Indian household. You may choose it as a wedding or anniversary gift. Choose this vase to hold natural and artificial flowers.


  • A handcrafted design made by the skilful artisans
  • Manufactured with one piece of quality iron that adds durability to the model
  • Carved with some unique and attractive traditional pattern

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9. Incrizma Glass Flower Vase

If you desire transparency in your flower vase, this product is the best choice for you. Glass-made decorative items always add value to the overall environment. As it is made of glass, you can clearly display green stalks of flowers to your guests. You can buy a set of 2 pieces to find vases of different sizes.


  • Made of premium quality resilient glass that contains no lead
  • Available in two sizes= 20 and 24 cm
  • Simple in design- Best for homes with minimalistic decors
  • Compact model- Enables you to store it easily
  • A small but weighty vase

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10. Pure Source India Glass Flower Vase

We have found it to be the most vibrant and gorgeous vase made of quality. The special cutting style of the glass materials reflects the creativity of the design. The cylindrical-shaped transparent vase will hold a high value in your room. By having close attention to this model, you can find its impeccable design.


  • Made of heavy glass that makes the vase solid and durable
  • Glass cut in a unique way to make the model look different 
  • Height is about 8 inches- Best for holding small flower stalks

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Now, you can decide on any of these vases to beautify your room. Some vases are best for placing on the table, while others need to be installed on the floor. Know the purpose of your use and buy the right vase.