We are going through the work of listing down the best decorative lights which you might want to use this season.
Looking for something interesting to decorate your home this festive season?

Lights are one of the important items to create a festive mood and celebrate special occasions. From family gatherings to weddings, almost any celebration needs lighting for decorations. Luminosity is undoubtedly the biggest factor to cheer up the mood of the surrounding environment. Nowadays, you can find lots of energy-efficient, safe, eco-friendly, and affordable decorative lights. While some of them need electricity, others have a battery-powered system.

Let us now have a view of the best decoration lights that ensure visual appeal.

  1. MANSAA® 10 MTR 100 LED USB String Light 

When you are looking for string lights with copper wire, it is the best choice for you. These string LED lights are best for illuminating your patio, party venue, camping site, wedding venue, and other outdoor sites. You may use your power bank and adopter and any power source to connect with the USB interface.


  • 5V lights that need a USB plugin for operation
  • The string comprises of 100 pieces of small LED bulbs
  • Length of the copper wire is 10m/33ft, and its diameter is 0.4mm 
  • Splash-proof wire best for indoor and outdoor use

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2. Satyam Kraft 20 Bulb 

We have chosen another string light with slightly bigger bulbs. The white rays create intense warmth in the space. These lights do not need electricity for illumination. You can put them on your walls, ceiling, floor, and windows.


  • Available in 2 light models- Flash and steady on versions
  • Ensures easy installation 
  • Operated with 3 AA Battery
  • Soft glow emitted from the lights

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3. Wine Bottle Cork Lights

As you love drinking wine during Christmas and any other occasion, you may choose these lights. These cork lights are innovative choices that illuminate your wine bottles. Use these lights for outdoor and indoor uses. This is my favourite one.


  • Includes premium quality copper wire with silver plating for electrical conductivity 
  • Cork models with a bendable design
  • Need 3 pieces of LR44 batteries for their operation
  • Equipped with 20 white LED lights that emit intense bright rays to your wine bottles

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4. CITRA Waterproof LED String

LED lights with waterproof materials are always the best choices for users. However, manufacturers have made this product different by adding photo clips. You may easily use these lights in outdoor sites. 


  • IP44 Waterproof design that lasts long
  • Needs direct plugging to the outlet
  • Warm and elegant lights that make you feel cosy
  • Enables you to attach 16 photos

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5. Desidiya 12 Stars 138 LED Curtain String Lights

We have chosen another type of LED string lights available with 8 lighting modes. These low-voltage lights consume a very small amount of electric energy.

  • Quality lights with copper wire
  • Lights resemble the shape of stars
  • IP44 rated lights for their waterproof designs
  • 12 stars of varying shapes
  • Include 138 pieces of lights
  • Easy to control with one button to switch between modes

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6. PESCA Snowflakes Light 

Although it is a string model, the design of its lights has made it unique. Install these LED lights to create a romantic and festive atmosphere. You may use them as Christmas lights, indoor room décor, and outdoor garden.


  • Include a wire of about 6 meters
  • 40 LEDs attached to the wire
  • IP44 rated waterproof lights
  • Snowflake lights width of around 1.3inch/3.3cm
  • Produce bright yellow light rays 
  • Best for matching the Christmas theme due to the snowflake designs

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7. Awestuffs LED Lights for Home Decoration

We have chosen another similar lighting system attached with photo clips. While you are celebrating a special occasion, you may attach some relevant photos. You can use them to decorate your living rooms, galleries, and dormitories. 


  • The length of the wire is about 10 Ft/3M
  • Materials used for designing the light- Plastic
  • Medium capacity lights
  • Globe shaped light designs
  • Attached with durable 20 photo clips

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8. 10 Meters 100 LEDs USB Operated

Multi-colour lights add a sparkling look to the overall space. We have found it to be the LED string lights best for any occasion. These bright bulbs consume a minimal amount of energy.


  • LED lights with a copper wire measuring about 10 meters
  • Easy to installation- Wrap it around any object and hang it on your walls
  • Easy to bend and mould
  • USB powered lights
  • Waterproof lights- You can install them under water
  • 360-degree viewing illuminating every direction

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9. TIED RIBBONS Diya Decorative Lights

Diya is always the best choice for celebrating Indian festivals. However, these are battery-operated lights looking like diyas. Every pack contains 24 lights that appear like flameless flickering candles. 


  • No risk of fire
  • No need of using an electric plug
  • Resembles the model of live flame candles
  • Plastic lights- Glass is used as the shade material
  • Use tied ribbons to set these candle-like decoration lights

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10. Haven’s Treasure 360 Degree LED Crystal

When you prefer some dazzling disco lights to celebrate special moments, you can invest in this product. You may use these lights as the best party decors. Turn on this music and create the most romantic mood. The environment-friendly and energy-efficient bulbs can cheer up the overall environment.


  • Continues emitting lights for about 20,000 hours
  • Saves almost 80% of energy
  • Safe and durable model- Best for the everyday use
  • The automatic rotation creates special effects
  • Easy to fit a connector

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Now, you can check out the features and technologies used in our chosen decoration lights. The best lights will last longer, and you may use them for years. Our reviews will help you find the right decoration lights for your purpose.